Why Use WeatherMAX?

The best combination of water resistance and breathability. Easy to pack. Doesn’t sag like acrylic fabrics. A much richer appearance than shade cloth or PVC fabrics.

  • Lighter


  • Artwork 174


  • Better


How can WeatherMAX be LIGHTER and STRONGER?

WeatherMAX proves that weight does not equal strength. Many fabrics are much heavier but actually weaker. How is that possible?


WeatherMAX’s proprietary SaturaMax yarns are engineered to provide long-lasting outdoor durability and stability. Unlike acrylic yarns that are made from tiny staple or bits of fiber that are twisted and spun to hold them together, WeatherMAX is made from filaments (like tiny fishing lines all bundled together) that are solid so they don’t separate and expand.


Additionally, WeatherMAX 80 and LT’s full weight is the fiber. Other fabrics use coatings to provide water resistance and while those coatings add weight, they do not add any strength. WeatherMAX with HydroMax+ finish provide as much water resistance as coated fabrics without the added weight of the coating.


What does “Better” mean?

Better means WeatherMAX manages moisture through breathability and water resistance, which is better than waterproof fabrics.  How can WeatherMAX be both HIGHLY BREATHABLE and HIGHLY WATER RESISTANT? Without a coating, WeatherMAX allows the moisture vapor under the fabric to breathe out while its unique construction and HydroMax+ finish keep solid water from penetrating the fabric.


Better means WeatherMAX holds its shape over time better than acrylic fabrics. Due to the inherent weakness of acrylic yarns, they stretch and become longer. WeatherMAX on the other hand is made from an extruded polymer that has some elasticity and rebounds after a force is released.


Better means longer resistance to UV damage. WeatherMAX keeps its strength and color twice as long as solution-dyed polyesters.


WeatherMAX is not only solution-dyed - it is solution-dyed with 100% pigments, similar to acrylic fabrics. Unlike most solution-dyed polyesters or polypropylene, WeatherMAX has no liquid dyes. Pigments are far more stable than liquid dyes.


Better means more blocking of harmful UV rays. Due to its dense weave, WeatherMAX 80 blocks over 99% of both UVA and UVB.


Better means a lower impact on the environment. No PVC or urethane coatings plus it is 100% recyclable. Because it is solution-dyed, we save 15 gallons of water for every yard of fabric we produce. On top of that, from polymer to finished fabric, all manufacturing is within a 100-mile radius. Less movement of raw materials means lower greenhouse emissions.