Lighter – Stronger – Better

WeatherMAX 80
Water Resistance

Water resistance to match coated fabrics 

  • 65 cm hydrostatic resistance 
  • 40% better than acrylic fabrics 


  • 15% lighter than Acrylic fabrics 
  • Reduces a cover’s weight by 3-10 lbs 

Twice the strength of acrylic fabrics

  • Able to handle the rigors of trailering 

True Breathability 

  • Naturally vents out moisture inside the boat to maintain a better environment for your upholstery, electronics and valuables 
  • Keeps mildew at bay 

Stays tight for a perfect fit over the life of the cover 

  • Engineered with yarn memory so that the fabric recovers from stresses and always returns to its original shape 
  • No more sagging covers! 

A greener choice 

  • 100% recyclable 
  • Manufactured from fiber to finished fabric within a 100 mile radius 
  • No solvents or other nasty chemicals found in coated fabrics 
WeatherMAX 3D

Can be packed in small places taking up less space when stored

  • Foldable without wrinkling


Conforms to all shapes for a form-fitted cover

UV Yarn

Made from same UV resistant yarn as WeatherMAX

  • Long-term durability
  • Long-term fade resistance

Breathable to maximize heat escape for ultimate comfort


UPF Rating of 50+

  • Blocks over 99% of UV

No Lycra or elastic to degrade

Mooring, Console, Upholstery, Covers - Weight Savings


As boats get larger, so does consumer demand for lighter more manageable covers. Overabundance of weight & difficulty of use are the most common reasons why a vast number of covers are rarely used. Performance is a common word in the marine industry, however it is rarely used when talking about the fabric used to cover them. WeatherMAX strives to change that by providing the most comprehensive moisture management system on the market today.

At only 8oz per linear yard WeatherMAX is the only patented fabric that offers the highest combination water repellency, breathability, dimensionally stability, & strength. Our exclusive HydroMAX+ finish delivers another industry first, the highest hydrostat pressure of a woven fabric without the use of a coating that also retains high levels breathability.

Bow & Cockpit Covers - Dimensional Stability

When choosing a fabric for your canvas needs, dimensional stability & UV longevity should remain at the forefront of your decision making process. These two qualities are the lifeblood of keeping a fabric performing & looking good throughout its years of service. Dimensional stability is the achilles heal of acrylic fabric.

Once acrylic fibers are stretched, there is no recovery & the only outcome is unwanted sagging. This continuous stretching eventually causes the fibers to separate causing the cover to fail. Unlike acrylic fabrics, WeatherMAX uses filament yarns & unique weaving techniques to supply a fabric that has the ability to retract back to its original shape from any type of load. UV stabilization is as also an important factor. WeatherMAX yarns are pigmented dyed with our proprietary ColorTite Technology which provides long-lasting fade resistance to match acrylic fabrics and outperform solution-dyed polyesters.


Travel Covers - High Tensile

Ever wonder what causes covers to tear across the boat, rather that up the boat? The answer lies with the tensile strength of the fabric. Most fabrics are stronger in one direction while weaker in the other. WeatherMAX has nearly the same strength in both directions, 490 warp (up the boat) x 392 weft (across the boat).

These number are critical when looking for a travel cover fabric that can withstand the long days of wind whipping across the cover. The closer these number are, the stronger the fabric, resulting in an overall stronger cover. We’re not saying WeatherMAX covers will never tear, but if it did tear, wouldn’t you rather have a cover that’s less likely to keep tearing after the initial damage has been done?

Winter Storage Covers

Traditional Winter storage covers are commonly designed purely to keep your boat dry. Continuous climates changes cause temperatures to fluctuate from hot to cold more often that they did 20-30 years ago. The result of these changing temps during a typical 5-7month storage period is now your interior has the makings of a potential breeding ground for mold & mildew This combination of warmth, moisture & residual dirt could turn your clean boat into a spring cleaning nightmare.

Manufactures & fabricators are turning to WeatherMAX to guard against this. WeatherMAX provides the strength to handle snow loads, breathability to aid in reducing the chance of condensation & heat getting trapped under your cover. Our exclusive and industry leading finish, Hydromax+ provides never before achieved protection from water without the use of a coating. Did I mention, winter covers made from weathermax are much lighter & easier to install than traditional coated fabric wither covers?


Enclosures, Biminis, Dodgers

Most enclosures made from acrylic fabrics tends to shrink as they age. When panels shrink, it becomes a daunting task to reinstall them. When frustration overtakes, so does patience and the finger pointing begins. Using WeatherMAX for your enclosures can help remedy those unwanted calls & warrantee claims. WeatherMAX fabric is made from extruded yarns that are inherently stronger & more stable. Simply using WeatherMAX fabric drastically reduces the chances of the panels shrinking.

Bimini’s are meant to provide shade & water protection. Did you know simply raising & lowering a bimini starts to degrade the acrylic fibers? This simple motion results in bellowing (sagging) between bows and opens the fabric to the starring effect. Weathermax solves this concern by combining smaller yarns with our weaving technology to provide a, stronger, longer lasting more dimensionally stable fabric that is 6 times more abrasion resistant to this motion. Manufactures of manual & power bimini’s trust WeatherMAX to protect their customers from rain & sun with our exclusive HydroMAX+ finish & 50+ UPF rating.

Pack Ability Catered to the Sailing Industry

WeatherMAX appeals to the sail boat crowd as well. Combining a non-abrasive hand & 1500 uv makes WeatherMAX LT the perfect combination for UV strips, & boom covers. For larger items such as multi panel dodges, cockpit enclosures, dingy covers, mooring covers & tent shades, the ability to pack & stow is a sought after trait when storage space is at a premium.