Maintenance and Care

Extending the life of your fabric

  • Fit Properly

    A well designed cover, shade or awning will shed water and allow wind to flow over it rather than creating a sail and added stress to the fabric resulting in a long-lasting fabric

  • Check for Wear and Chafe

    Over time, your fabric will be subject to rubbing, sharp points and all manner of abuse. WeatherMAX is tough but it is not impervious. If you start to see wear at specific points, add a reinforcement patch. Catching wear early and addressing it will save the fabric from a premature failure.

  • Rinse Regularly

    For optimal performance, an occasional rinsing will dispose of much of the dirt and organic matter that wafts through the air and lands on the fabric. That matter not only diminishes the water resistance, it creates a food source for mildew.

  • Clean with a Mixture of Soap and Water

    Using a soft brush and light pressure, apply the soap and water solution to the fabric. Thoroughly rinse the fabric and allow to air dry. Leaving soap residue can be worse than not cleaning at all.

  • Do not Store Away Damp or Dirty

    WeatherMAX is great at controlling mold and mildew. However, storing it or any fabric wet and or dirty is a welcome mat for mildew spores.

  • All this Talk about Mildew, is it that Difficult?

    Not really. Mildew needs three things to survive and grow:
    1) a food source - organic matter such as leaves, dirt, etc.
    2) Moisture
    3) Warmth - 32°F to 95°F (0°C to 35°C)

    Eliminate any one of those and you will not have mildew. Keep your fabric clean and breathable and you will not have mildew. If you see mildew start to grow, immediately clean it. If that does not eliminate the mildew completely, use a diluted bleach mixture (refer to the care and cleaning guide).

  • My Fabric is not as Repellent to Water as it Used to be - What do I do?

    First, make sure it is clean. Dirt and debris reduces the effectiveness of the water repellent finish. If after cleaning it still is not to the level you want, it is likely time to retreat the fabric. Water repellent finishes will wear off over time and exposure. It is relatively easy to use an aftermarket treatment to rejuvenate the water repellency. Please refer to the care and cleaning guide for our recommendations on treatments.

Learn more with our WeatherMAX Care & Cleaning Guide