WeatherMAX SG

The Ultimate Scratch and Scuff Protection

This soft backed version of WeatherMAX provides surface protection against scratching maintains its breathability, water resistance, while staying free of dirt or other debris.

Unique Construction


3D provides three dimensional functionality to pattern nearly any shape. 

Ease Of Storage


WeatherMAX 3D can be balled up, folded, or wrapped for easy storage.

Enhanced UV Protection


Weathermax 3D, blocks 97%-98% of damaging UVA & UVB.

Stretch & Release


3D can expand up to 20% weft & 12% warp while still returning to its original shape. 

  • Artwork 174
  • Artwork 185
    Water Resistant
  • Artwork 186
  • Artwork 184
    Abrasion Resistant
  • Artwork 187
    Made in the USA

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