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What Your Beer Says About You

Based on your beer preference, what does your beer say about you?

A study of beer drinkers performed by Mindset Media provided insights into the personalities of beer drinkers based on their preferred brand.

We find that craft beer drinkers align the most with WeatherMAX users, however there are characteristics of drinkers of each brand that correlate with people that use WeatherMAX.

Want to know more about yourself? Pick you preferred beer from the list below and see if you align with the personality traits the study found. You will also learn why you might be a WeatherMAX user!

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You don’t like authority

You are emotionally steady and live in the “here and now”

You are not big on advance planning (you drive your suppliers crazy!)

You are 42% more likely to drive a truck than the average person

You are 68% more likely to choose a credit card with flexible payment terms (we might have to deep dive before we offer credit terms for you…)

You are 42% more likely to use breath-freshening strips every day (you probably keep them in the glove compartment of your truck!)

Why you might be a WeatherMAX user: The big brand acrylic is the authority in the outdoor market. The fact that WeatherMAX is a better performing fabric, lower cost and easier for your customers to handle are all good and fine but your real happiness is from sticking it to the company that has two halls of their own at this trade show!!!

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Sorry, I don’t think you are going to like this…

You rate high in superiority and think highly of yourself

There is a good chance your friends think you are conceited

You are a take-charge type with strong opinions (At least this one is not negative)

You are 43% more likely to consider sustainability a priority (you are really going to like WeatherMAX then!)

You are 43% more likely to buy life insurance

We don’t think you should marry a Bud light drinker! But who knows, maybe they think as highly of you as you think of yourself!

Why you might be a WeatherMAX user: The best use the best – simple as that.

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You are socially liberal

You are willing to go against convention

You really hate moral authorities and believe children should be exposed to moral dilemmas and allowed to come to their own conclusions

There is a good chance you tend to be sarcastic and snide in order to get a point across

You are 105% more likely than the average person to drive a hybrid car

You are 77% more likely to won an Macbook

You are 65% more likely to purchase five pairs or more of sneakers every year

You are 32% less likely to registered to vote (shame on you)

Why you might be a WeatherMAX user: Long ago you grew tired of reading in the industry blogs and Facebook groups from the small but vocal “I only use blah-blah-blah for the last 40 years and nothing else will work” crowd. Then one day you stepped out from a shoe store and noticed how nice the awnings looked and that the fabric fit to the frame perfectly without any sagging. With a quick call to the local awning shop you found out they use WeatherMAX. Then a quick google search on your MacBook made you realize WeatherMAX is one of the top shade fabrics throughout Europe – even though it is made here in the USA.

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You might be lacking in carefulness (better check to make sure your business insurance is up to date!)

Unlike your Budweiser-drinking friends, you respect authority

You are a risk-taker with a frat-boy personality

You are very accepting of most everyone and easy to get along with – everyone likes a Bud Light drinker

You are 48% more likely to play the lottery every day

You are 34% more likely to NEVER buy organic

Why you might be a WeatherMAX user: You are not afraid to take risks and try a fabric that hasn’t been around for 50 years. You are likely to roll the dice and give it a try. Once it proves to you how well it performs you will be a user for life

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You are busy and energetic and extremely extroverted

You seek out the company of others whether in a group or just one-to-one

Corona drinkers do more and see more people in one day than most people see in a week

You are the life of the party

You care deeply about other people and see yourself as giving and warm

You are 91% more likely to buy recycled products

You are 38% more likely to own three or more flat screen TVs

Why you might be a WeatherMAX user: providing your customers with a worry-free fabric means you have less complaints and warranty claims and have more time to enjoy the finer things in life

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You better sit down for this one…

You get low scores for modesty and off-the-charts on self-esteem

Self-assured and confident, you believe you are exceptional

You love being the center of attention and also in the middle of the action

You are attracted to brand names and luxury products

You are 58% more likely to have an America Express card

You are 45% more likely to be an early adopter of new mobile phones (how’s that iPhone 12?)

You are 29% more likely to drive a sports car

Why you might be a WeatherMAX user: You heard some great things about WeatherMAX and as an early adopter, you tried it early on and have been using it since

Craft Beers

Since there are so many brands and styles, it is impossible to break it down finitely.

You are more likely to think about beer than you are about work. (Hence the ingeniousness of this marketing campaign – our everyday thinking about beer is now ALSO our thinking about our work! We might not be the smartest folks you know but we are crafty)

You are more open-minded than most people

You seek out interesting and varied experiences and are intellectually curious

You are 153% more likely to buy organic

You are 52% more likely to be a fan of the show “The Office” (but if you are really into Imperial Stouts or Belgian wild ales, you are likely to be seen arguing that the original UK version is significantly better than the US version – that’s just our guess on that part)

You are 36% more likely to be the one that chose which movie you are going to see with some friends

Craft-beer drinkers skew as having a lower sense of responsibility (but don’t tell our bosses)

Why you might be a WeatherMAX user: 15 years ago we launched WeatherMAX into an industry that had complaints about the standard-bearing acrylic fabrics but didn’t have a viable alternative that did what the acrylics did well but improved on where they were weak. Slowly over the years, more and more risk takers were willing to give it a try. They listened to us as we shared the technology behind WeatherMAX and how we engineered the fabric for performance. Their intellectual curiosity made them open to it and the rest is history. Over these last 15 years WeatherMAX has become a worldwide leader in outdoor fabrics for marine, shade, awning, military and many other demanding industries. We believe our success rests mightily on the shoulders of open-minded individuals throughout this great industry – many of whom are likely craft beer drinkers – with a good bit of regular beer drinkers too