A study of craft beer drinkers showed that they are more open minded, have higher expectations and are willing to try new things compared to the average beer drinker.


We believe that profile also fits WeatherMAX users.


So here is to great craft beer and to an amazing outdoor fabric that makes life easier allowing the pursuit of the finer elements of life - Cheers 

Lighter – Stronger – Better

WeatherMAX 80
Water Resistance

Water resistance to match coated fabrics 

  • 65 cm hydrostatic resistance 
  • 40% better than acrylic fabrics 


  • 15% lighter than Acrylic fabrics 
  • Reduces a cover’s weight by 3-10 lbs 

Twice the strength of acrylic fabrics

  • Able to handle the rigors of trailering 

True Breathability 

  • Naturally vents out moisture inside the boat to maintain a better environment for your upholstery, electronics and valuables 
  • Keeps mildew at bay 

Stays tight for a perfect fit over the life of the cover 

  • Engineered with yarn memory so that the fabric recovers from stresses and always returns to its original shape 
  • No more sagging covers! 

A greener choice 

  • 100% recyclable 
  • Manufactured from fiber to finished fabric within a 100 mile radius 
  • No solvents or other nasty chemicals found in coated fabrics 
WeatherMAX 3D

Can be packed in small places taking up less space when stored

  • Foldable without wrinkling


Conforms to all shapes for a form-fitted cover

UV Yarn

Made from same UV resistant yarn as WeatherMAX

  • Long-term durability
  • Long-term fade resistance

Breathable to maximize heat escape for ultimate comfort


UPF Rating of 50+

  • Blocks over 99% of UV

No Lycra or elastic to degrade


With its unique construction and HydroMax finish, WeatherMAX® 80 changed the industry with the best balance of water resistance and breathability. Get ready for the greatest improvement the market has seen with our exclusive new HydroMAX+ finish.


Now with the water resistance to rival coated fabrics yet still provides the excellent breathability and soft hand you have come to love and expect from WeatherMAX.

WeatherMAX 80

The most balanced and cost-effective fabric available for marine covers and tops, awnings, or other outdoor applications requiring outstanding durability, higher water repellence and excellent breathability.

WeatherMAX 3D

Patent-pending Premier Outdoor Fabric Utilizing 3 Way Stretch Technology. Perfect for stretch shades and fitted covers for highly rounded or irregular-shaped objects​.